Letterbox Mystery

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Love TV shows and movies filled with twists and turns? Fancy yourself a bit of a puzzle master?
The Letterbox Mystery Company weaves intricate and entertaining stories that will keep you thinking and working for hours. Each unique story requires you to use your wits and skills. Puzzles, codes, ciphers... each box is filled with clues and correspondence. It's up to you to figure out what fits, what goes where, and what's going to happen next! A piece of advice: Don't leave any stone unturned.
This monthly membership is perfect for individuals and couples who love dramas, mysteries, and thrillers. Escape room fans, movie and TV buffs, and anyone who enjoys escaping the world for a little while... our featured Letterbox Mystery is perfect for you!

The Four Shall...

A member of one of the world's oldest and wealthiest families needs your help. The hunt for a missing person uncovers a twisting plot so much bigger than either of you ever imagined. Your new acquaintance needs your help decoding and deciphering everything she's found. Hopefully you aren't too late.

A new box every month!

The complexity builds with each package. More clues, puzzles, items, and stories arrive at your doorstep. Some will provide answers, others only more questions. Your pen pal is depending on you! A typical box includes:

  • Puzzles and items you need to decipher
  • Tools to help you along the way
  • Letters and other written fragments that pull you into this new world