About Letterbox Mystery

The fourth wall is a concept in theatre, movies, and television. It's an invisible wall that separates the performers and audience, something we can see through that the actors cannot. It's voyeuristic. It's safe. It can be painfully dull.

Who hasn't yelled directions to a pretty-but-dumb victim in a horror movie? We've all wanted to play the hero or heroine, escape from our safe space and take part in the story.

The Letterbox Mystery Co. shatters that fourth wall.

We're enamored with multi-media storytelling that pulls you in. Read a snippet of a diary, search a Wikipedia entry, listen to an MP3, crack a code, "hack" into a website. In a world where almost everything exists online, we're breaking the barriers and bringing the story to you.

Based in the UK with stories set in the UK, we are the first subscription service of our kind in Britain. Not only do these stories come straight to your door, but they take place right out your doorstep!